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5 Tips for Staying Positive During a Job Search

Job searching can often be an overwhelming, draining, and frustrating experience. I know as I have been there… multiple times. Despite its challenges, it is important to maintain a #positivemindset. But how do you do that when things seem so bleak? I’ve provided a few suggestions below to help you navigate the emotional ups and downs of #job hunting.

1. Designate a tribe of confidants you can turn to for help. These can be friends, neighbors, or fellow #jobseekers; people who can provide encouragement, support, and a listening ear. You don’t have to do this alone, and it helps to have people in your corner (and vice versa).

2. Practice #selfcare and #compassion. Take a break when it feels overwhelming. Go for a walk outdoors, meditate, get a massage… do what is best for you to reset and refresh.

3. Shift your #perspective. Receiving a rejection letter is tough. After you’ve given yourself time to process, use this an #opportunity to reframe your thinking. Instead of dwelling on what went wrong or why you weren’t chosen, focus on what you learned from the experience, and remind yourself this just wasn’t the right opportunity for you. Think of your job search as a chance to better your life; you want your next position to be with an employer who sees and appreciates the #value you bring. Finally, seek support from your tribe, if needed (see #1). Remember: better opportunities await.

4. Celebrate your #successes. Finally updated your resume? Treat yourself! Networked with 10 contacts on #linkedin? Treat yourself! Applied to 5 jobs this week? Treat yourself! It is important to acknowledge and reward your successes along the way. Doing so will help you to maintain #motivation and a positive attitude.

5. Make a job search plan and set goals. A plan organizes and prioritizes your tasks. An example would be creating a spreadsheet of jobs and companies you are interested in, positions to apply to, #networking contacts to connect with, editing your LinkedIn profile, etc. Having a plan and setting manageable daily and weekly #goals will help you to stay #focused, organized, and on track.

Onward and upward! You GOT this.

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