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Tips to take your job search from stuck to soaring!

Bring order to your #jobsearch

  • Designate a quiet, distraction-free space to do your job searching

  • Block time each week for job searching and set #goals

  • Keep a spreadsheet of #jobs applied to, where you’ve interviewed, etc.

Know what you want

  • Get clear on the type of #work you enjoy

  • Determine what you want in your next job (e.g., flexibility, more money)

  • Search for positions that align with what you want

Customize your resume to each job

  • Study the job description for important #skills, duties, and requirements

  • Draw a #connection between what you have to offer and what they are looking for

  • Demonstrate your impact with achievement-based, measurable resume bullets

Be present and active on #LinkedIn

  • Create a #professional profile with an attention-grabbing headline

  • Build, nurture, and engage regularly with your #network

  • Ask for referrals and request informational #interviews

Give yourself #grace

  • Exercise patience, understand j

ob searching is often a marathon and not a sprint

  • Take #mentalhealth breaks… go outside for a walk, get fresh air, call a friend

  • #Visualize yourself in your next job and know that you CAN do this

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