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Promote your skills and experience with an impactful value pitch.

How many times has the infamous “Tell me about yourself” #interview question left you feeling stumped?

The answer to this question should reflect the relevant #skills, #qualifications, and #experience you bring to the table. It should align with the requirements of the #job and demonstrate to the employer how you can solve their problems and address their pain points.

You know your experience better than anyone, but you seem to unravel when it comes to articulating your #value and promoting your skills. Answering questions like this can feel overwhelming, especially if interviewing already causes anxiety and nervousness.

  • How do you sum up your skills and experience in such a short amount of time?

  • What key points should you focus on?

  • What if you forget what you want to say?

Join Interview Ally on August 11th at

1:00 pm (ET) for “How To Create and Deliver a Winning Value Pitch!” In this #free workshop, we will offer practical, step-by-step tips for creating and communicating an impactful value pitch.

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