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My #layoff story

Devastated. Lost. Frustrated. Scared. These were all emotions I experienced when I lost my #job during the 2009 recession. It’s been almost 13 years since, and I can still recall the details of that day. I even remember the weather: gray, cold, and rainy… fitting, huh?

It felt like the wind was knocked out of me when the fateful news was delivered. I put everything into that job (my time, heart, sweat, and dedication), and all I had to show for it was a pink slip and a bruised ego. My world was turned upside down in an instant, and I found myself back at square one.

I spent over six months looking for #work. It was an exhausting, defeating, and rather isolating time in my life. I was unsure of myself, often questioning my value and worth, and wondering if I would find a job again. I wish I would have reached out for help. I needed support and guidance, but most importantly, I needed someone to help me rebuild the confidence I so quickly lost after being let go.

I worked tirelessly to find a job, and some months later I accepted an Executive Director position with a small non-profit in Hamilton County (a major #career pivot, by the way – I transitioned from a Guest Services position in the entertainment industry to a leadership role of an organization serving the elderly).

Whether you have faced a recent #layoff, have been unemployed for a while, or if you are feeling stuck in an unfulfilling job, I hope this story brings you hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel, I promise. I have been there, and I am here to help.

If any of the above describes where you are right now, email me at to set up a free phone consultation so I can learn more about you and how I may help. #careercoach #employment #jobsearch #careers #careeradvice

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