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How to Explain Being Fired in a Job Interview

If you were fired from a #job, you should count on it coming up in an #interview. While it may be uncomfortable talking about it with a potential employer,

you can bypass the awkwardness by preparing your response in advance.

Frame your explanation around what the hiring manager likely wants to know:

  • Reason for the firing – was it for something serious like stealing or a lesser infraction like not meeting your sales goals?

  • That you take responsibility for your actions and have grown from the experience. Bonus points if can give an example of the steps you have taken to grow/improve

  • Reassurance that the issue is no longer a problem

Follow these additional #tips:

  • Provide a direct and upfront response; make it short and to the point - Briefly explain the reason; be honest and keep it simple

  • Gently move the conversation forward - Reiterate your interest in the job and promote your relevant skills and experience

  • Be professional and positive; do not pass blame or talk negatively about former employers

  • Practice your response until you feel comfortable

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